Success Card

Add value to your message with the SuccessCard. The SuccessCard is a floss item that contains 12 yards of premium floss on one side, and a sleeve on the other that can hold any card of your choosing. Whether it be an appointment card, a promotional card, or your business card.

As you hand out the SuccessCard to patients and prospects alike, the powerful impact continues as they see your message in the card every time they use the floss. It’s that simple.

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Meet The Founder

Paul Zajas

Vice President of Marketing at Z Dental

Paul Zajas has been dedicated to serving dentists and dental practitioners for over 20 years. His family owned business is committed to serving it’s customers with the utmost care and priority. He and his family have come up with innovative ideas to help boost your practice through years of experience. Rest assured that when you order from Z Dental, you are in good hands!

Supplement Your Marketing

Promote your practice with an innovative product your patients will enjoy. Just slide your business card inside. Every time they look at it, they will be reminded not only of your practice but their next appointment.

Spread the word about your practice, reduce missed appointments and hand out a give away your patients will love!

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Why People Love The boost program

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Great Give Away

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Reduced Missed Appointments

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Superior Results

Increased Sales