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A unique way to help you build your practice. Introducing SuccessCombo.


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What is the SuccessCard?

Add value to your message with the SuccessCard.

The SuccessCard is a floss item that contains 12 yards of premium floss on one side, and a sleeve on the other that can hold any card of your choosing. Whether it be an appointment card, a promotional card, or your business card.

As you hand out the SuccessCard to patients and prospects alike, the powerful impact continues as they see your message in the card every time they use the floss. It’s that simple.

Meet SuccessCombo
A unique way to help build your practice

Why People Love the SuccessCombo

Cost Savings

Never pay for toothbrushes again!  The average dentist will save a staggering $1,192.32 a year.  Enjoy your savings, you've earned it!

Reduce Missed Appts

At a loss of $200 per missed appointment, ensuring your office can minimize them is a huge priority.  SuccessCard can help. 

New Patient Growth

While in your community, pass out your business card inserted in the SuccessCard and make a lasting impression.

Wow Factor

Impress your current and new patients with this innovative new product.

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"May the Floss Be With You"

— Paul Zajas, Founder


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