Our Story

Z Dental has been serving the dental market since 1997. Z Dental started out as Dental Elite, which was incorporated by Mary and Paul Zajas in the fine state of New Hampshire. Adopting the state’s motto, Live Free or Die, we started Dental Elite because we realized that many of the national dental companies had essentially set up dentists to advertise for them, while charging them for a product that was priced higher than what was fair. We figured we could present dental offices like yours with a better option than the pricey national brands and have an opportunity to make a living and be proud of the way we take care of our customers. We started with two brushes. Steadily we grew and started to add new products. Today we proudly carry over 20 brushes and have been branching out in order to better serve new markets and our existing customers. A lot has changed since our small beginnings in 1997, but we can tell you that the heart of this company has stayed true to its original intent: to serve your office by offering quality and cost savings on the products that you use daily.

We are a family owned and operated dental supply company that specializes in offering affordable, ergonomic and customized products. We do not sell to retail but directly to dental professionals. We strive to be excellent and provide high quality in all that we do. While large national companies have layer upon layer of management, we operate lean and efficient. This is why we can pass on the savings directly to you day in and day out. The end result is that you save money! The owners of the business are Mary and Paul Zajas. The same way we treat our family with care, support and respect, we treat Z Dental and the Z Dental family. We are committed to building a legacy and doing things the right way. We really take care of our customers and feel privileged to serve them. After all, that's what family is all about.


In a world of self check-out lines, automated phone operators and drive through restaurants, it’s easy to see that we’ve lost the human element of business. Here at Z Dental we are family owned and operated, so to us customers are family and our family is our business. We believe that customer service should be the good old-fashioned way: simple, honest and direct. So when you call us, we actually pick up the phone, no need to dial 1 for English, imagine that! We believe that customers not only deserve a quality product at a great price, but also a working relationship with their dental supplier that's lasting. Enjoy your oral hygiene products. Love your supplier. Don't settle for less.


One piece plastic handles? No way! Stiff bristles? Never here! Here at Z Dental we are committed to deliver you a quality product. Our brushes are manufactured with a two-piece composite handle specially designed for easy grip and comfort while brushing. Our toothbrushes are manufactured at state of the art facilities and are comparable to the national brands. Z Dental brushes provide a quality image for your office to your patients.